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Wendy’s Has Launched Its Own Tabletop Role-Playing Game


Wendy’s has just unveiled its newest piece of marketing genius in the form of a tabletop RPG game. Named Feast of Legends, the Role-Playing Game is “an immersive fantasy campaign to support its never-ending fight against frozen beef, whether it’s in the real world or the fantasy world of Beef’s Keep.”Filled with clever puns and pop-culture, the land of “Beef’s Keep,” which is made up of areas and kingdoms like “Roast Beach, “French Fry Forest,” and the kingdom of “Freshtovia” is threatened when the Ice Jester and his frozen fiends of the “Deep Freeze” threaten Queen Wendy’s reign of prosperity.Those interested in giving Feast of Legends a try can find the rules and instructions over at the dedicated webpage. View this post on Instagram Join the fight against the dark art of frozen beef. Our first tabletop RPG, #FeastOfLegends, is officially live! Download now for FREE: feastoflegends.comA post shared by Wendy’s ? (@wendys) on Oct 3, 2019 at 10:31am PDTIn other gaming news, a Sony PlayStation 1 lunch box has just surfaced.Read more at HYPEBEAST

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