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This Epic Video Breaks Down Everything Wrong With The ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale


If you’re still seething over the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, a new fan-made video has just delivered the ultimate deep-dive that promises to help elevate the argument of any disgruntled fan. Watch above.

The video is titled Game of Thrones: An Unbridled Rage, and that’s certainly apt considering it kicks off asking “You fucking what, mate?!” and sticks with that vibe throughout.

Over two-and-half-hours, YouTuber MauLer — whose channel specializes in thorough entertainment critiques — goes incredibly in-depth, debunking and questioning every strange move made in the final installment. It also looks at decisions characters made in earlier seasons and compares them with those made in season eight and discusses their respective narrative arc (or lack thereof).

Varys and Jon Snow are two of the characters that get ripped apart in the first ten minutes of the video. “They say every time a Targaryen is born the Gods toss a coin and the world holds its breath,” Varys tells Jon in one scene, before the latter responds with, “We’re not much for riddles where I’m from.” At that, the narrator roasts him with, “Jon, a coin-toss is not a riddle, you fucking beetroot.”

Watch the video in full above.

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