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The First ‘El Camino’ Reactions Are in and It’s Beaten Expectations

Aaron Paul as Jesse pinkman black beanie

Breaking Bad fans have been waiting years to get their fix after the show went off the air six years ago. And then came El Camino. Netflix‘s Breaking Bad movie released yesterday with the power to complete or shatter fan’s dreams. We took a gander at Twitter to see what the first viewers had to say about the new chapter in the meth-filled saga.

From Jesse Pinkman’s incredible character arc, to Walter White’s appearance, the movie took audiences through all the feels. Check out the heartwarming, heartbreaking and straight-up ridiculous first reactions below. Watch out, spoilers ahead!

My review of #ElCamino in gif form pic.twitter.com/WSi2Hl7Blx

— David Wilson (@davidpockets90) October 11, 2019

A prequel to Breaking Bad? Bad idea… well holy shit Better Call Saul is brilliant!

A movie to extend Breaking Bad’s ending? No way the show ended perfectly… well HOLY FUCKING SHIT VINCE GILLIGAN DID IT AGAIN. #ElCamino is a masterpiece and I applaud everyone involved. 👏👏 pic.twitter.com/IM06fJkURz

— Nathan Hoar (@TrulyNaff) October 12, 2019

Now that’s closure…..bitch!!!! #BreakingBadMovie #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/qggIpqsGAX

— David Marshall (@Emikaze_) October 11, 2019

Did I cry at the end of #ElCamino ?? pic.twitter.com/83BmSP4ymh

— Tony Ruiz (@tones_senot) October 12, 2019

Skinny Pete telling Jesse he’s his hero 😭😭 #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/Z1GISCIbxg

— CAROOOO (@carroleenaa) October 12, 2019

I’m not crying, you’re crying. #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/pRMlRaaPhy

— TonyK (@local_loserx) October 12, 2019

Low-key I wanted Walter white to be alive in el camino. #ElCaminoBreakingBad #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/WqeaURhxJr

— Varun Pandey (@V_se_Varun_) October 11, 2019

My heart is breaking#BreakingBad #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/gAUNENW6MF

— Maurizia Sarri (@ASlash16) October 12, 2019

Dear Mr.White
We miss you terribly , Sincerely
Everyone .#ElCamino pic.twitter.com/QE5Gdniwav

— ⏳ (@4PepG) October 11, 2019

Best thing about El Camino was they weren’t part of it.#ElCamino pic.twitter.com/TJzWEY52Qh

— Jahanzaib Kamil (@JahanzaibKamil) October 11, 2019

When people are going “Breaking Bad is back!!!” but Better Call Saul has existed for four seasons (and counting): #ElCamino pic.twitter.com/I1MyPEWRH3

— Geoff Magliocchetti (@GeoffMags5490) October 12, 2019

Judge: you’re looking at 25 years
6ix9ine: Jesse Pinkman is in Alaska and he goes by the name Mr. Driscoll#ElCamino pic.twitter.com/2riQH3HTBx

— Petar paul (@Petarpaul1) October 11, 2019

#ElCamino spoilers with out context pic.twitter.com/lPsP1tB9iW

— Kenny Chesmar (@kennykenken5) October 11, 2019

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