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Robert Konieczny Designs a Clean Minimal Home With a Moving Room


While unique homes like the Pentahouse are inspired by vast mountain ranges, other architectures draw upon different types of environments. One special example is the modular Quadrant House.
When architect Robert Konieczny was designing the house, he was thinking about the geometric device commonly used by astronauts that helps map out the position of stars. Quadrant House is a loose interpretation of this idea — one part of the building is made mobile, while other parts are designed so that sunlight enters through certain spaces at different times.
Located in Poland, the glass mobile room is the defining feature of the house. It can be moved through the terrace, creating passages between the living room and the spa — its movement is fully automated with sensors that stop any motion when detecting obstacles. In addition, sliding glass doors are placed in the interiors on each side so that the transition from room to terrace is made seamless. The house is also lined with clean white exteriors, a fully shaded garden as well as some windowless areas for privacy.
Scroll through the gallery above for a look at the Quadrant House.
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