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‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ Returns as ‘eFootball PES 2020’ With Messi, Ronaldinho & More


html,body{height:100%}Pro Evolution Soccer will return this season, rebranded as eFootball PES 2020. The latest installment of the game will mix big name current players — including Lionel Messi — and legends from the past such as Ronaldinho, who comes with a host of unique animations and skills that explore his unparalleled first-touch techniques and midfield presence.
The game was announced at E3 2019 and is set to come with a host of new gameplay features, some of which were co-developed with ex-Barcelona captain Andrés Iniesta for a more precise translation of his defense tactics. Iniesta’s input sees a new dynamic dribbling technique come to eFootball PES 2020 and the game has a heavier focus on on-pitch authenticity.
eFootball PES 2020 will feature a more realistic portrayal of player errors which will allow gamers to take advantage of their competitor’s flaws. Several new first-touch techniques have also been added for players to adapt and tweak their personal playing style and trapping mechanics have been upgraded for more realistic and intuitive gameplay. Techniques include “No Touch Control,” enabling you to run alongside an incoming ball without contact and “Trick Trap,” a new ability that deceives the competition as you take the ball heading in one direction, yet veer off into another.
Altogether the game is set to be more player-focused, introducing improved ball physics, personalized player attributes such as aggression, tight possession, through ball and long shot. Rounding off eFootball PES 2020 is an updated Master League, making management, player transfers and club development more engaging and realistic than ever before. The transfer system is built on an algorithm that takes data from the real world that ensure transfers, transfer fees and salaries are as realistic as possible, and negotiations will feature an interactive dialogue system that allows you to choose your story’s progression.
Take a look at the trailer for eFootball PES 2020 featuring Messi above and pre-order the game now online before it releases on September 10, 2019.
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