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McDonald’s Sweden Unveils McHive – The World’s Smallest Restaurant for Bees


html,body{height:100%}McDonald’s Sweden is expanding its sustainability practices. The fast-food chain previously placed beehives on rooftops of some of the country’s restaurants with an initiative premised on the preservation of the rapidly decreasing bee population. The movement has been bolstered through a country-wide initiative that seeks to replace grass surrounding various establishments, as well as through planting various flowers and plant life that support our little buzzing friends.
To celebrate the unique initiative presented by McDonald’s Sweden, advertising agency NORDDDB has decided to create the world’s smallest restaurant, the McHive. In hopes of attracting thousands of buzzing new customers, the agency has reinvented the traditional beekeeping box hives, updating the look to match a modern-day McDonald’s restaurant. Outfitted with the brand’s golden arches, the new McHive features an exterior that totes a drive-thru, various advertisements, and more, all scaled down in size to match the size of the bees themselves.
You can check out the initiative and McHive in the video above.
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Här är en söt restaurang med sting. ? Vad tycker ni om världens minsta Donken? Bzzzzt bzzz. Läs mer om vårt hållbarhetsarbete och vad vi gör för Sveriges bin på vår webbsida. Länk i bio. #VärldsBiDagen #StoraNogAttGöraSkillnad #McDonaldsSverige #ImLovinIt #McDonalds #Donken #Hållbarhet
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