Koenigsegg Explains How They Crash Test Its $2 Million USD Hypercar

html,body{height:100%}Motorsports racing fans or supercar enthusiasts may know every detail about certain cars, from its specifications, to its history, to even how it actually handles and drives, but a little known side to these vehicles is how supercar manufacturers run crash tests for such an expensive vehicle. For large-scale carmakers, producing cars at much lower prices, it’s easy to pull a few units out of the production line and run crash tests on them, but for a company like Koenigsegg, which produces roughly less than 20 vehicles a year with each costing around $2 million USD, the same approach is not viable — so what do they do? In the video above, the company’s founder Christian von Koenigsegg and and legal manager David Tugas discuss how its supercars are crash tested without breaking the bank.
“In order to get the data… we have to crash our cars from every conceivable angle at different speeds — from the side, the rear, from the front, offset corner — even considering a bicycle driving into the car or someone bashing away with hammer on the car and not deploy the airbags when they shouldn’t be deployed and deploy them when we should,” says Koenigsegg. “One of the methodologies we use to save basically money for this process is that we design our carbon-fiber monocoque to withstand all these different types of crash tests without being destroyed. We destroy the bodywork on the outside, the subframes, crash members and so on but not the actual integral and most expensive part of the car, so the same monocoque chassis — the same car if you will — is being used basically for all of these tests.”
But while Koenigsegg only truly crashes and destroys just one of its units for crash testing, it can nonetheless be a painful experience to watch. As Tugas says, “It’s really hard to see how the car is slowly being destroyed – hammer[ing] it, over-torquing it, and then finally crashing it against a wall… it’s painful, painful to watch.” Watch the video above to see the whole testing process behind Koenigsegg’s hypercars.
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