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Jeff Koons Unveils Paris Bataclan Tribute Sculpture

Jeff Koons Paris Tribute

Jeff Koons unveiled Friday a new sculpture in Paris paying tribute to the 2015 terrorist attack the Bataclan theatre. The Bouquet of Tulips stands 40 feet tall near the Le Petit Palais art gallery. He rendered the flowers used to symbolize love in his signature kitschy balloon style, but some critics haven’t been fans.

Philosopher Yves Michaud called the work “eleven colored anuses mounted on stems” in L’Obs magazine, while columnist Eric Naulleau called it “dreadful.” Others on Twitter have also piled on the criticism.

Lol Jeff Koons was like “so so sorry about the ISIS attack in your city here is a giant hand holding a bouquet of marshmallow anuses” https://t.co/wjkZZi5Gn4

— Podcast Guest Mike Pearl (@MikeLeePearl) October 8, 2019

Koons intended the work to be a display of U.S. solidarity with France, saying, “I did, as a citizen in New York, experience 9/11 and the depression that hung over the city.” He also said 80 percent of the proceeds from selling the copyright for the work will go to victims’ families.

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