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JBL Brings Back Its Iconic L100 Classic with Modern Updates


While the evolution of JBL’s technology has been steadily advancing over the years, like the recent Project Rock wireless headphones with Dwayne Johnson and Under Armour, the American speaker manufacturer isn’t afraid of reeling back to the past to show more of its nostalgic models – JBL’s L100 Classic.First released in 1970, the L100 became an instant hit for its unique design and technology. keeping all the retro design elements intact, the new speakers come updated with contemporary parts. Its distinctive removable Quadrex foam grille comes with a titanium treble speaker that measures at one inch, midrange cone driver of five inches and pure-pulp woofer of 12. Topping off the design is a bass reflex system and forward firing port, blending all vintage characteristics with modern functionality.Head over to JBL’s website for more information on the JBL L100 Classic, currently available at select retailers like safeandsoundhq.com for $4,000 USD.In other related news, Tesla’s in-car display sketchpad is getting an update.Click here to view full gallery at HYPEBEAST

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