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Get to Know Every Sample on Freddie Gibbs’ & Madlib’s ‘Bandana’


html,body{height:100%}It’s no question that in the current music industry, super-duo Freddie “Gangsta” Gibbs and Madlib stand at the forefront of raw and unfiltered hip-hop, offering up untethered flows and beats that remain unrivaled in both style and execution. With the art of Madlib’s production comes a plethora of well-articulated sampling, it’s no question that the producer has one of the most attuned ears in hip-hop. In fact, just last week the artist revealed that every instrumental on the duo’s latest project, Bandana, was produced entirely using an iPad. Now, in a video by Bandstand, the duo’s latest album gets dissected to reveal the prominent sample used in each of the project’s tracks.From Relevation Funk’s 1970 soulful hit “Elastic Lover” on “Freestyle Sh*t” to Frank Dukes’ 2014 “Gregorian” on “Half Manne Half Cocaine” and more, all samples utilized by Madlib on the production side are articulated and explored in the new video. To accompany the various cycle-through of tracks both old and new, the visual has been edited using various music videos and b-roll footage of the artist’s in action.You can explore the samples that went into Freddie Gibbs and Madlib’s Bandana in the video above.For more music news, Freddie Gibbs recently delivered his own take on Drake’s “Money in the Grave.” Read more at HYPEBEAST

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