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Ed Sheeran Shares “Beautiful People” Visuals Featuring Khalid


html,body{height:100%}Ed Sheeran has shared yet another single off of his forth coming studio album No.6 Collaborations Project, this time spotlighting this teamup with Khalid.Shortly after dropping the single, Ed went on to release the music video for the collaborative track quickly after. The accompanying visuals feature a couple whose modest trip to LA soon turns into a life filled with drinking on yachts, partying in mansions, and travelling in their own private jet.Sheeran and Khalid can be spotted in most of the background shots while their swooning voices can be heard addressing the viewers to stay true to yourself and not to become one of those so-called “beautiful people” obsessed with material things and stature. “We don’t fit in well/We are just ourselves,” each of them sing. “I could use some help getting out of this conversation.””Beautiful People” is the third single off of No.6 Collaborations Project. The album drops July 12.Read more at HYPEBEAST

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